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Eastern Wok

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Situated on Walukarama road, lies a small entrance to the Eastern Wok, at a first glance one might assume that it is just another Chinese restaurant, but do not let that get in your way of experiencing good food and great ambiance. Eastern Wok, a Middle Eastern family restaurant in Colombo serving Oriental, Indian and Arabic cuisine, is the first Chinese Halal Restaurant in Sri Lanka since 1992. Comprising of 71 different items, it will definitely have you in a dilemma with a fantastic presentation of mouthwatering food. Eastern Wok serves you a range of dishes including various styles of prawns, crab, lobster, chicken and beef all of which are prepared by experienced chefs who go the extra mile to ensure that customers enjoy every bite they take. We also have a seating capacity of 130 people, including a number of private dining rooms and a VIP room to give you the best experience with a more comfortable way to enjoy your meals. So we warmly invite everyone out there to come and enjoy an unforgettable meal with us at Eastern Wok.



Eating your favorite cuisine and cherishing its taste and existence is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. So just come and explore your favorite flavors at Eastern Wok.



A calm place to relax, a hearty meal to cherish. It is the perfect place to relax and enjoy with your loved ones.